Livinfarms Hive - community organized Beta Testing

The code is beta and that we cannot provide any guarantee for it but people are testing at their own interest! Next176, s.r.o., and Livinfarms are not responsible for any damages!

See video guide how to flash new beta firmware here (numbered steps in video description). Livinfarms provided me original firmware sources and supports our community BETA firmwares. Note: Replacing firmware won't clear settings (time to harvest). So it's pretty safe. Anytime you can go back to original firmware (1.12). Join our betatester discussion group here Lubos (

livinfarms_hive_v2.10.hex 66kB

* Wet food reminder (48 hrs). Hive starts blinking with purple main led. Counter is restarted after feeding beetle tray.
* Some LED notification fixes (31C yellow warning override harvesting green led, etc.)

livinfarms_hive_v2.02.hex 65kB

* Based on original firmware v1.12
* Code refactoring, refactored UART handling (debug messages)
* Send firmware version and layer config to console output during device boot (days to harvest for each layer)
* Added booting dots to determine problems with halted red LED during boot (mvek)
* New fan control from v1.24 (1 fan at same time during co2 hygiene)
* Summer bugfix from v1.24 (disable layer heater)
* Decreased harvest plate temperature 5 deg.C
* Firmware reset/settings activated after 5 seconds, not only on switch press. And initialization blinks 5x green with all leds, not 2x
* Fan control - AIR_CO2_HYGIENE_LEGACY was turn off = co2 hygiene skipped when fan was used due to high humidity
* Fan control - individual climate depending on worms sizes in layer (save fan lifetime, and don't dry layer with babies and small worms)
* Rewritten LED control
     - Main LED      (layer0)
           - Blue on - Device is working
           - Blinking blue - harvesting
           - 2x Red - mainboard temp sensor over 40C (too hot environment)
           - 3x Red - mainboard temp/hum sensor is broken
           - 4x Red - mainboard temp < 10C (too cold environment)
           - 5x Red - mainboard humidity > 75% (environment humidity over 75%)
           - 6x Red - old or removed backup battery
           - 7x Red - harvest heater temp sensor not connected
           - 8x Red - harvest heater temp over 70C (critical value)
           - 9x Red - harvest heater not working
     - Layer LEDs
           - None - everything is ok
           - 2x Yellow - layer over 31C (warning)
           - 2x Red - layer over 40C
           - 3x Red - layer temp/hum sensor not connected
           - 4x Red - layer temp < 10C (too cold in layer)
           - 7x Red - layer heater temp sensor not connected
           - 8x Red - layer heater temp sensor over 40C
     - Worms/Beetles state LED notification - remove layer with beetle tray (back switch) and wait 5 sec.
           - White - expected layer with beetle tray here ...
           - Green - oldest mealworms ... 0-18 days to harvest
           - Purple - middle size mealworms ... 18-36 days to harvest
           - Yellow - small mealworms ... 36-54 days to harvest
           - Cyan - mealworms babies ... 54-72 days to harvest
           - and Red - several beetle tray switches detected or broken switch

livinfarms_hive_v1.24.hex 43kB

* Original code 1.12
+ new fan control
+ summer fix (layer heaters)
+ time info every 1s (used for graphs)
* No refactoring from 1.21-1.23

livinfarms_hive_v1.12.hex 43kB

* Original Livinfarms Hive firmware from first batch. Use it as restore point if you are not happy with new firmware. 34178kB

Firmware flasher from STM company. Guide here.

How to safely open back cover?

See troubleshooting video by Livinfarms. Skip pressing firmware reset button of course ;-)